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Ross & Wilson

and the Best of the Story

In the fall of 1977, two DJs, Ross Brittain, and Brian Wilson, working at different stations in Baton Rouge, met for lunch at the Frost Top Inn. Two weeks later, the "Nearly-Famous Ross & Wilson Show" debuted in AM Drive on WJBO. A mere eight months later – July 10, 1978 - after taking Baton Rouge radio and the entire city by storm, they did their first morning show for Atlanta's CHR powerhouse, Z-93. Then, just 29 months later, Ross & Wilson were hired to take over Morning Drive on WABC, the biggest, most famous Rock 'n Roll station in America's #1 Market, New York City.

From Baton Rouge to Atlanta to NYC in just 3 ½ years is what Radio Industry observers called a "meteoric rise"! Adding the fact R&W were hired to replace the infamous Dan Ingram in the prime AM Drive slot and the story becomes damn near miraculous.

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Success like doesn't happen often. Indeed, over the last 50 years, there are very few in radio who could claim anything similar. What unique ingredients of talent, brains, and personality came together over a couple of hamburgers in the 78th market in 1977 to produce one of radio's most entertaining and successful teams in such a short time? The essential Ross & Wilson history was written by Brian Wilson in his 2018 book, 50 Stories: 50 Years in Radio. The "50 Stories" Facebook page – and now, this web site - provide links to a variety of videos and airchecks connected to the book.

This web site is dedicated to the collected, processed and (occasionally) edited air product of the "Nearly-Famous Ross & Wilson" team. The primary focus is on the abbreviated 15-month "reunion" of R&W after their break-up in September 1983 with Ross's firing from WABC and Brian's subsequent departure in May 1984.

Visitors can enjoy the entire four hours "unscoped" versions of the shows to hear all the unique comedy and shenanigans that made Ross & Wilson one of the most successful radio teams of all time. If you were a fan of the show, here's your opportunity to relive your memories. If you never heard a Ross & Wilson performance, you're in for a listening experience which will never be heard on the radio again.

Charles Menut, an accomplished engineer, radio/business executive and serious fan of the works of Ross & Wilson, recorded an entire library consisting of all 4 hours of every "Ross & Wilson, The Next Generation, Z-Morning Zoo" show which replaced the "original" Z-Morning Zoo" in 1989 after its "founder," Scott Shannon, left for a job in LA.  An expert in audio equipment operation, Menut recorded each show using the highest quality tape, recording decks and equipment available at the time. His painstakingly digitized results are near-perfect recordings capturing the FM quality of each broadcast as well as the remarkable comedic content, timing, and production that made the "Ross & Wilson Z-Morning Zoo" what it was before its untimely and unnecessary demise.

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Occasionally, we will feature rare R&W airchecks from WJBO, Z-93 and, of course, WABC, selections of Brian Wilson's remarkable Talk shows and specially selected features from Charles Menut's vast collection of shows from other famous air talents you may recall.

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